The journal was established in 1911 from The Philippine Agriculturist and Forester (in 1911) to the Philippine Agriculturist (in 1918) until its issue in March 1999, where it became what it is known today – The Philippine Agricultural Scientist.

Journal Issue isĀ a double-blind peer-reviewed papers and notes on original fundamental or applied research and, to a limited extent, critical research reviews, professional chair lectures or book reviews on tropical agricultural science and related areas including environmental science, food science, engineering, biotechnology, economics, extension, rural sociology, development communication, agroforestry and silviculture, and marine fishery sciences.


Vol.107, No. 2
Philippine native roosters Banaba, Joloano and Paraokan. These animals were used to established baseline data on the quantity and quality of fresh avian semen. {Photograph courtesy of Dr. Perciv...
Vol. 107, No. 1 (
Sweet potato tuber infested with sweet potato weevil, Cylas formicarius Fabr. The weevil infests sweet potato plants as early as two weeks after planting but targets the tubers, causing economic lo...
Vol. 106, No. 4 (
BUFFALO CALVES. Calves eventually serve as the productive unit of the herd and need to be protected, managed, and fed properly for their population to grow economically at an optimum rate. Underfee...
Vol. 106, No. 3 (
Mango (Mangifera indica L.) cv. Carabao. This export cultivar, known for its superior taste and quality, has limited marketability and shelflife due to its perishability and susceptibility to posth...