Analysis of the Potential of Rice and Corn in Supporting Food Availability
Luh Pastiniasih, Ketut Sumantra, Ni Putu Pandawani, Putu Edi Yastika
Received: February 10, 2023/ Revised: July 12, 2023/ Accepted: September 05, 2023 (
A region’s agricultural sector plays a strategic role in fulfilling its food needs with ideal nutrition. The potential of cereal commodities, specifically rice and corn, was identified based on the production level and competitiveness by district in Buleleng Regency, Indonesia. The regency’s potential to provide and support food security was also determined through a quantitative descriptive analysis of the Location Quotient (LQ), Shift Share Analysis (SSA), Localization Coefficients, and Levels of Food Availability by utilizing secondary data on cereal commodity production and population numbers over the course of 10 yr (2012–2021). Results showed that Sawan, Seririt, and Sukasada districts were able to meet rice consumption needs through the availability of the crop as well as its production, the same potential for corn was exhibited in Gerokgak district. Also, in 2021, the shortage of cereal commodities due to low domestic production has been addressed through supplies from other regions such as Tabanan and Gianyar Regencies, or areas outside the province of Bali. Therefore, this study recommended that paddy fields be optimally utilized by increasing the planting index and choosing superior varieties to increase productivity. All stakeholders should continually support the efforts of paddy production in Buleleng Regency.